If you’re looking for someone earnest, pleasant, skilled and knowledgeable then please do not look any further. Ron’s 40 years experience cannot be overlooked.
Recommended by another tuner, as “the only person I should contact to retune my second-hand 1890’s grand piano”… the chords of which were so disparate and badly out of tune, and there was a hammer which needed reconnecting.
What was lovely is how quickly Ron got straight to work. Within 5 minutes of seeing the piano, the keys were pulled out, hammer reconnected, and straight in to tuning. It became clear that 1hr was not going to be enough and we agreed to extend, with Ron fully committed to leaving me with a finely tuned piano and a lovely sound. I wish I had recorded a before and after for him, because he is a master at what he does.
I should note, we are mid-pandemic and Ron wore a mask and washed his hands before contacting the piano.
I will only be using Ron’s tuning services going forward.